b. N’Dea, pronounced N-Dee-ah is a young and ancient Black Indigenous non-binary twospirit identifying (ze/zeir, they/them) St. Louis native and creative. Known more by the spiritual and artist name of choosing and brand, Ori Tala. A name which evokes magic and light while paying homage to zeir ancestry. Artist, healer, oracle, educator, entrepreneur, artivist (activism through art), vocalist, and poet. Ori Tala creates pieces through many perspectives of their life, from childhood memories and overcoming obstacles into adulthood their work shows visuals in storytelling. Often zeir styles intertwined of realistic comic style, cubism, surrealism and impose cosmic elements and of overcoming struggle as well as highlighting the human experience through personal narratives of brown & black people worldwide. They use art to recognize mental illness & issues facing oppressed communities. They currently work within a non-profits in the St. Louis Metropolitan area, Yeyo Arts Collective and formally with Artscope. Both non-profits have arts centered at their core values and missions for youth and the surrounding community. Ori has many experiences in the arts since their youth and are doing so many creative projects, workshops and teaching. They’re also a certified Reiki Level 2 Practitioner and do both in person and virtual Tarot Readings within their mediumship and knowledge in astrology and numerology. If you’re in the St. Louis area you can usually find them at the local rare finds and art gift shop CLR_MNSTR @636 N. Grand Blvd on Tarot Thursday and Fortune Fridays to grow their artistry and doing readings. Much blessings and appreciation for scoping out and supporting your local healer, artist and creative.
Ori Tala
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